what is wudu | how to make wudu | 10 step of how to do wudu | dua after wudu

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what is wudu

The word ablution is infinitive with the object Wudu, meaning to attain purity. 

And ablution with the vowel wadu means something with which purification is performed, for example, water.

Allah and His Messenger know best.


Method of Wudu|how to make wudu (Ḥanafi)

It is Mustahab to sit on an elevated place facing Qiblah. To make intention for Wudu is Sunnah. Intention means to intend by heart. Verbal intention is preferable provided the same is present in the heart. Therefore, make intention as, “I am performing Wudú in order to fulfil the commandment of Allah عزوجل and to attain purity.” Recite بسم اللہ as it is also a Sunnah, rather says بسم اللہ والحمدللہ, as angels will continue writing good deeds as long as one is in the state of Wudu.

Majma uz Zawaid, pp. 513, vel. 1. Hadis 1112)

First step Wash both hands

Wash both hands up to the wrists three times each and afterwards do Khilal (to intermix fingers of both hands to dampen the gaps) of the fingers (with the tap closed). 

Second step Of Wudu Miswak

Now use Miswak three times in right & left, upper & lower teeth and after each cycle, rinse the Miswak. 

Hujja-tul-Islam Imam Muhammad Ghazali رحمۃ اللہ علیہ says,

“Whilst using a Miswak, make intention to clean mouth for the recitation of the Holy Quran and for the Zikr (Remembrance) of Allah عزوجل ۔

( Ihya-ul-uloom, pp. 182, vol. 1)

Third step of wudu Mouth

Now rinse your mouth three times with handfuls of water (closing the tap each time) using right hand making sure that water reaches all parts of the mouth and gargle as well if you are not in fasting. 

Fourth step of wudu Nose

Now sniff water three times in nose up to soft flesh using three handfuls (now half handful is sufficient) of right hand (closing the tap each time) and if not in fasting, snuffle water up to the inside end of the nose. 

Now clean the nose by left hand (keeping the tap turned off) and insert small finger inside holes of the nose. 

Five step of wudu face

Wash the whole face three times such that water must flow on every part from the top of the forehead (the point where the hair naturally begins to grow) to the bottom of the chin from one earlobe to the other. 

Sixth step of wudu beard khilal

If one has beard and he is not in the state of Ihram (Special state for Haj / “Umrah) then do Khilal (with the tap turned off) of beard by inserting the fingers into the beard from the neck and bringing them out towards the front. 

how to do wudu

Seventh step of wudu Warm

Now wash the right arm from the tips of the fingers up to (and including) the elbow three times and then wash the left arm in the same manner. To wash up to half of the upper arm is Mustahab. Most people take a small amount of water in their hand and pour it over their arm towards the elbow three times. But in this method, there is risk that water would not flow over the edges of wrist and arm. Therefore, wash arms as mentioned. Now there is no need to pour a handful of water over the arms. In fact, doing this (without a valid justification) is wastage of water. 

Eight step of wudu Moistening of the head

Now (with the tap closed) perform moistening of the head. This should be done by joining the tips of the three fingers, other than the index fingers and thumbs. of both hands and placing them on the top of forehead. Move back these fingers from forehead to the back of the neck without letting the palms touch the head. Each palm should then be placed on either side of the head and pulled across the sides back towards the forehead. During this, the index fingers and thumbs should not touch the head at all. Now use the index fingers to wipe the insides of the ears, the thumbs for the back of ears and the small fingers should be inserted inside the holes of ears. 

Ninth step of wudu moistening of the back

Now moisten the back of the neck using the back of fingers of both hands. Some people, in addition, wipe the front of the neck, the forearms and wrists; this is not Sunnah. Make a habit of turning the tap off before wiping the head. To waste water by leaving the tap open fully or partially is a sin. 

Tenth step of wudu Feet

Now wash both feet three times, first the right and then the left, beginning from the toes up to the top of the ankles. It is Mustahab to wash up to halfway up the shin. To do Khilal between the fingers of both feet is Sunnah. The tap- should be kept turned off during Khilal. Its Mustahab method is to start doing Khilal from little toe of the right foot to its big toe using the small finger of the left hand, and then, doing Khill from the big toe of the left foot to its little toe using the same small finger of the left hand.

how to make wudu

Hujja-tul-Islam Imam Muhammad Ghazali  رحمۃ اللہ علیہ says,

“While washing each organ, one should hope that the sins of that organ are being washed away.”


dua after wudu

Also recite this Du’a after Wudu (with Durüd Sharif before and after it).

اللَّهُمَّ اجْعَلْنِي مِنَ التوَابِيْنَ وَاجْعَلْنِي مِنَ الْمُتَطَهِّرِينَ


O Allah! Make me amongst those who repent abundantly and make me amongst those who stay clean.

Ibnul Qayyim رحمہ اللہ said:

Wudu’ is the prescribed ritual whereby dirt and filth are cleansed and removed so Allah’s believing slave may stand pure in His presence.

The effect of wudu’ that manifests itself outwardly is the cleansing of the body and the limbs used in the act of worship (i.e. salah). The inward effect on the other hand, is subtle, as it has to do with the purification of the heart from its sins through repentance.

Method of wudu

Inner Dimensions of The Prayer, Dar as-Sunnah Publishers, p.27

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