Islam and science (2) Islam and science facts

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What lies behind the greatness of Antarctica?

An immensely vast land, a land so boundless that even science cannot fully grasp its limitless potential.

islam and science

Behind it lies the realms where false claims of modern science are shattered!

The question is, why doesn’t this news reach the public?

In 1930, there was the fastest and most advanced train of its time, but there isn’t one like it today!


Because countless deceptive technological systems have been hidden away, waiting for the right time to be used for their purposes!

islam and science facts

NASA’s Photoshoot on the Moon 😀

islam and science

You have no idea how long NASA’s scientists have been stationed on the moon, curious one! 🙄

islam and science facts and figure

The Earth is not just any planet; it is a unique place larger than all the planets combined. According to the Quran and Hadith, on the Day of Judgment, the stars will fall to the Earth. The Quran describes how the heavens and Earth were once joined and were separated later. Earth is greater than all the planets and stars. It is so vast that human intelligence has not been able to measure or comprehend its size.

islam and science facts

As for what lies behind the greatness of Antarctica, it cannot be revealed entirely because it would expose countless falsehoods propagated by modern science. Modern science, which relies on theories rather than real discoveries, is deceptive. NASA is a part of this deceptive system.


Muslims would do well to understand these realities sooner rather than later!

The First City Beyond Antarctica


Some people claim that beyond the South Pole, there is the first city of Antarctica called “Mayuna,” which is believed to be ancient and off-limits to humans. It is possible that access has been established there, but it remains hidden from the public eye.

islam and science

Remember, modern science has concealed many things from us, and our fast-paced society often only perceives them as stories, while science itself is built upon numerous assumptions.


The notion of the “Mayuna” city could be both speculation and reality, but those with closed minds will likely object, dismissing it as mere fiction. However, science itself is filled with such stories, and they often become silent when questioned.


Why this ignorance? The evidence for cities beyond our world also exists in the books of our Hadith, but those who insist on a narrow mindset will fail to appreciate the scientific perspective.

Science facts

Space’s number two is like this! 😄😁

islam and science

Even the destitute of the lines will interpret it. It’s all prepared in the studio, and NASA announces, “We have achieved such and such feat,” and the mentally enslaved believe it!

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They can make you a fool only as long as you want to remain one yourself!


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Do you know what this is?

These are star links!

Sometimes, you see lights traveling in the sky at night, especially from a moving train. These are those lights!


What are they?

They are satellites, yes, you read it correctly. Many scientific researchers who have no trust in NASA’s space missions, James Webb, Hubble, and the like, believe it’s all a hoax and a fraud.


They claim that there are no satellites in space. Instead, the internet is operated using star links and balloons left in the atmosphere. All countries are connected by a vast network of cables that pass through the oceans.


If satellite internet is real, why are there cables laid in the oceans?


Those who believe in these dramas are the same people who, after watching Hollywood movies repeatedly, become mentally ill and call it science.


The foolishness of these individuals is proven by their reliance on Hollywood films!

The Confluence of Magic and Science: Science Born from It


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#SignsOfTheEndTimes 4


The disasters of earthquakes, floods, and storms that have occurred this year and the previous year have never happened like this before. And what is yet to come is beyond imagination. The time of the Day of Judgment is drawing near, and human wickedness is on the rise.


The Quran has clearly stated this, but the problem is that we only read the Quran without truly understanding it, and that’s why the reality remains hidden from us.


“Corruption has appeared throughout the land and sea by [reason of] what the hands of people have earned so He may let them taste part of [the consequence of] what they have done that perhaps they will return [to righteousness].” (Quran, Surah Ar-Rum, 30:41)


Here, it is clear that corruption on land and sea is due to what human hands have earned. This can have two meanings: one, it refers to the corruption caused by human sins, and the other is that it involves the misuse of scientific advancements and technology, leading to corruption in the earth and sea.


Have you not seen the artificial earthquakes from HAARP and the unexpected rainfall? Have you not witnessed unnatural storms?

islam and science facts

Have you not seen men transformed into women and women transformed into men?


Yet, even after all of this, some naive Muslims continue to deny technological upheaval.


Remember, one crucial point: modern science is not just science; it is the offspring of magic and science, and it will disrupt not only civilizations but also faith.


Our ignorant Muslims persistently deny the existence of HAARP and the like!


Will they also deny the reality of 7G?


In traditions, it is mentioned that a nation, despite remarkable progress, was destroyed by Allah because they did not have faith in Him despite all their advancements.


And here, the Quran clearly states that corruption on land and sea is due to the actions of humans. Yet, some seemingly Quranic verses are denied by those who reject the laughable science!


Wake up! Magic and satanic concoctions have given birth to complex science. Be aware of it yourself and make your children aware too!


Now, only those who have light in their hearts will find it. We have burned our hearts, exposed them to the public!


September 22, 2023

Have You Heard of Cultured Thieves?


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This Arabic book, which is about astronomy, is kept in the Birmingham Library, with annotations in English. This is not just one copy; there are hundreds of copies in libraries in Paris, Birmingham, New York, Germany, and more!


European thieves of science stole books from Andalusia and Baghdad, translated them into English, and presented them as their own research. It has happened not just once, but hundreds of times that the research of Muslim scientists was published under the names of European thieves, and we are so apathetic that we can’t even raise an objection to this theft. Instead, we are intimidated by these thieves, so much so that whatever false statements they made about our religion were accepted without question.


The battle of Islamic science is against the fraudulent science of the West, where Islamic science rejects imaginary theories like Darwinism and the Big Bang, relying on practical science, that is, inventions.


The cultured thieves of Europe, including famous scientists like Einstein, Newton, Galileo, have all stolen the research of Muslim scientists.


Insha’Allah, I will write more about this in installments!


Slaves are afraid of slaves.


Thieves are afraid of thieves.


We are a free nation; we are not afraid of anyone!


We will awaken with a slave mentality and the research of thieves!


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