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  1. “Say: can those who have ‘ilm and those who don’t ever be 

the same? Only those of intelligence take heed.”


Note: this verse is clear evidence that the ‘aalim and the non-

‘aalim can never be on par. It has fallen to the lot of the bearers 

of ‘ilm and those of intelligence to ponder and take lessons 

from the verses of Allah ﷻ. 


  1. “And those are the examples we cite for all people but only 

the bearers of ‘ilm understand them.”

Subhaanallah! What a virtue has been mentioned regarding the 

‘ulamaa that only they will understand the examples cited in the Quraan. 


  1. “And say: Oh my Rabb, increase my ‘ilm!”


From this we can clearly see the virtue and status of ‘ilm 

because Allah ﷻ has not instructed Rasoolullaah s to ask for 

an increase in anything except ‘ilm. Understand well that ‘ilm 

of Deen and Shari’ah is referred to here. 


  1. “(In the Aakhirah) Allah ﷻ will raise the rank of those who 

believe, and (from them) those who have ‘ilm.”5 


Ibnu Hajar has mentioned the following in Fat’hul-Baari under 

the commentary of this verse:


Allah ﷻ will raise the rank of the believer who is an ‘aalim 

above that of a believer who is not an ‘aalim and the raising of 

rank is indicative of virtue.”6 


  1. “Only those servants of Allah ﷻ fear Him, who have ‘ilm (of 

His greatness).”7 


“If his ‘ilm of Allah’s greatness is only a matter of belief to him 

(i.e. he knows and believes in his heart that Allah ﷻ is the 

greatest), then his khashyat will also only be of that nature. 

However, if his ‘ilm of Allah’s greatness is practical (i.e. present 

in its true sense), then his khashyat will also be the same. The 

fear of Allaah is in itself very necessary because Allaah is 

Almighty and capable of everything. As a goal, it is also 

necessary to aspire towards [inculcating this fear in our 

hearts], because Allaah will be very forgiving towards those 

who possess such fear of Him. Hence, both the ‘Izzat and the 

forgiving nature of Allah ﷻ demand khashyat.”8 

In the explanation of this verse, Hasan Basri  said that an 

‘aalim is one who fears Allah ﷻ in public and in privacy, who 

covets that which Allah ﷻ has encouraged and is averse to that 

which displeases Allah ﷻ. Hazrat Ibnu Mas’ood r said: 

“’Ilm is not determined by the amount of Ahadith one 

memorises nor by the amount one talks, rather it is determined 

by the amount of khashyat one has.” 

The crux of the matter is that the more fear and khashyat one 

has for Allah ﷻ, the greater an ‘aalim he is. As Ahmad bin 

Saalih Al-Misry put it: “One cannot gauge khashyat by the 

amount of narrations or information someone may know,rather it can be gauged by his adherence to the Quraan and the 


Shaykh Shihaabud-Deen Suharwardy mentioned that this verse 

indicates that a person who has no khashyat is not an ‘aalim

This statement is also corroborated by the sayings of the great 

senior predecessors. Hazrat Rubay’ bin Anas said: “He who has 

no khashyat is no ‘aalim.” Mujaahid said: “Only he who fears 

Allah ﷻ is an ‘aalim.” Someone asked Sa’ad bin Ebrahim who 

the greatest faqeeh in the entire Madinah was. He replied: “The 

one who fears his Lord the most!”10 

Hazrat Moulana Shaah ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Saheb (quddisa siruhu) 

wrote a very good point regarding the virtue of ‘ulamaa. [He 

states] that we learn from this verse that “only those servants 

of Allah ﷻ who have ‘ilm (of His greatness) have fear for Him,” 

and that Allah ﷻ has specially allotted khashyat to the people 

who possess ‘ilm. From the [following] verse in Surah Bayyinah 

– “(Jannah) is the reward for the one who feared his Lord” – we 

understand that Jannah and the pleasure of Allah ﷻ are 

specific to those who have khashyat. The conclusion we draw 

from these two verses is that Jannah and the pleasure of Allah 

ﷻ will be granted to the ‘ulamaa only.11 

  1. “Those who had been granted ‘ilm said: ‘Woe be to you! The 

reward that Allah ﷻ is prepared to give is far better for 

those who believe and do righteous deeds.’”12 

When Qaaroon left his home, surrounded by his enormous 

entourage, dressed in the most splendid clothes, in all his 

pomp and glory, the eyes of those who hankered after the Dunyaa nearly popped out of its sockets and they said: “If only 

we could have progressed in this Dunyaa the way he has! 

Qaaroon really is a very prosperous and fortunate man.” But 

those who had understanding and ‘ilm remarked: “Oh you 

wretched people! What is there in this temporary glitz and 

glamour that you have become so infatuated with? In 

comparison with the rewards that await a believer who does 

righteous deeds, all of this is absolutely nothing! It is not even 

equal to a speck of dust when compared to the Sun.”13 

  1. “And Allah ﷻ taught Aadam  all the names….”14 

From this the virtue of ‘ilm over ‘ibaadat is evident. You see, 

the angels are so advanced in ‘ibaadat that they are completely 

sinless. However, since they don’t have the same level of ‘ilm 

that Insaan has, they were not given the khilaafat of Allah ﷻ on 

earth. The angels accepted this reality – and rightfully so – 

because ‘ibaadat is a feature of makhlooq and not an attribute 

of Allah ﷻ. ‘Ilm on the other hand is the most exalted attribute 

of Allah ﷻ. For that reason, Insaan was deserving of 


  1. “And We certainly granted Dawood and Sulaymaan ‘ilm, 

and they both said: ‘All praise is due to Allah ﷻ who 

granted us virtue over many of His believing servants.’”16 

In the commentary of this verse, Qaadhi Baydhaawi writes that 

this verse is a proof of the virtue of ‘ilm and the status of those 

who possess ‘ilm. This is due to the fact that both Dawood and 

Sulaymaan   only expressed their gratitude for ‘ilm and 

considered it the basis of their virtue. They did not even consider the various other bounties which had been granted to 

them, such as kingdom and dominion. 

Now I will mention the sayings of Rasoolullaah s regarding 

the virtue of ‘ilm and ‘ulamaa. Study it carefully!

I am Muhammad Adnan Khan Chunda. I am student(Talib e Ilm) Of Jamia Muhammadiya Hanfiya Sulamani Near Jatta Adda Naivela. I love To Teach You Islamic Information like Masail,Hadees and Quotes of Bazurgane din.

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