A brief biography Hazrat Syed Baba Taj Uddin Nagpuri Alaihi Rahma

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🕯Shenshah Haft Iklim, Tajul Mulat wa Uddin Hazrat Syed Baba Taj Uddin Nagpuri Alaihi Rahma 🕯



Syed Tajuddin

Tajuddin Ahmed real picture

 Father Majid:

Hazrat Syed Badruddin


Taj Muhyiddin, Taj Moinuddin, Taj Awwalia, Chirag Din, Emperor Haft Iglim.



His genealogy traces back to Hazrat Imam Hasan Askari (رضی اللہ عنہ) through twenty-five lines and to Hazrat Imam Hussain (رضی اللہ عنہ) through thirty-two lines.


The genealogy is as follows:

Syed Tajuddin bin Syed Badruddin bin Syed Hyder Shah bin Syed Ali Shah bin Syed Abdul Qadir Shah bin Syed Mohiuddin Syah Shah bin Syed Jamal Ahmed Shah bin Syed Nasiruddin bin Syed Kamaluddin bin Syed Imaduddin bin Syed Alauddin. Bin Syed Bahauddin Bin Syed Abdullah Bin Syed Jalaluddin Bukhari Bin Syed Kamaluddin Bin Syed Hussain Title Beh Mehboob Bin Syed Hussain Akbar Bin Syed Abdullah Shah Bin Syed Fakhruddin Bin Syed Mahmud Rumi Bin Syed Abdullah Bin Syed Muhammad Jami Shah Bin Syed Ali Akbar Shah Bin Syed Imam Hasan Askari bin Syed Imam Ali Taqi bin Syed Imam Musa Reza bin Syed Imam Musa Kazim bin Syed Imam Jafar Sadiq bin Syed Imam Muhammad Baqir bin Syed Imam Zain al-Abidin bin Syed Imam Hussain bin Hazrat Ali Karamullah Rabiyyah Al Kareem )



15 Rajab al-Murjib 1277 AH corresponding to 27 January 1861 in Kamti village, Gaura Bazar district, 15 kilometers away from Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. You were unusual from the moment you were born, you didn’t cry like normal babies.

Your ancestors migrated from Arabia and settled here. The family profession was the army, so most of the elders of his family joined the army. Your father Syed Badruddin (may Allah have mercy on him) passed away one year after your birth. While her mother, Hazrat Syeda B. Amma Maryam, may Allah have mercy on her, also met the Creator after eight years.



Your paternal grandfather Hazrat Sheikh Meeran who was Subedar Major in East India Company army, paternal uncle Abdul Rehman and paternal grandmother.



Hazrat Taj-e-Awalia, may God have mercy on him, received his primary education in a madrasa. One day, he was present in the school when the famous Majzoob Sage of Qadiria, Hazrat Abdullah Shah Qadri, may Allah have mercy on him, came to the school and pointing to Baba Sahib, may Allah have mercy on him, said to the teacher: are you teaching It has been read and taught.

Having said this, Abdullah Shah took out a date from his cradle, ate half of it himself and put the remaining in the mouth of Tajuddin, may God have mercy on him, and said:

“Eat less, sleep less and talk less and read the Holy Quran”.

It is said that as soon as he ate dates, Tajuddin, may God have mercy on him, changed, and his inner world changed, his interest in worldly things became less.


Character, appearance and characteristics:

Taj Al-Awlia, Emperor of the seven climates, Taj al-Mulat al-Din, Zeenat al-Salha, Imam al-Arafa and al-Taqiyya, Burhan al-Asfia, source of grace and generosity, Aftab knowledge and wisdom, progenitor of the sight of Lutf Habib-e-Mukaram, Hazrat Syed Baba Tajuddin al-Hasani and Al-Husaini Nagpuri Chishti Qadri Nizami Sabri (may Allah have mercy on him).

God created you Hussain and Jameel. Your complexion is wheatish, slightly blackish, and your height is medium, your face is straight, your neck is straight, your forehead is broad, your condition is equal in beauty and beauty, you are cheerful in your nature, you speak very simply, and you have heart-pleasing words, eyes. I was such a light that no one could see your blessed face carefully, your blessed hands were quite long, you used to cry loudly, close your eyes and go into meditation and meditation. Your feet are not on the blessed earth, but you are walking in the air. His blessed body was such a sign that he was seen from a distance even among the tall people in the gathering of thousands, that is, he was seen as the tallest among them, which was a sign of his supremacy.

Allegiance and Khilafah:

There are two entities that are mentioned in terms of closeness and kinship.

One line is Hazrat Abdullah Shah Qadri of Qadiria, the other is Baba Dawood Makki of Chishtiya line.

The author of the book “Encyclopedia of Saints” has written that he pledged allegiance to the blessed hands of various elders in different religious orders and also received the Khilafah from them.

He pledged allegiance to the rightful hand of Hazrat Syed Abdullah Qadri Nowshahi in the chain of Alia Qadiriya Nowshahiyyah and rose to prominence by receiving the Kharqa Khilafah in the Qadiriya Nowshahiyya chain.


He pledged allegiance to the right hand of Hazrat Sheikh Daud Hussaini Chishti Nizami in the chain of Alia Chishti Nizami and rose to prominence by receiving the Kharqa of Khilafat.

He became exalted by allegiance to the right hand of Hazrat Sheikh Dawood Makki Chishti Sabri in the chain of Aliya Chishti Sabri and he became exalted as Kharqa Khilafah through the method of Awaisiya.

The shrine of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Qadri is near the Comity Station. During his youth, Baba Tajuddin used to attend the service of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Sahib. According to the tradition of Hazrat Abdullah Shah’s Sajjada Nashin, when the time of Hazrat Abdullah Shah’s death approached, Tajuddin came to him. At that time syrup was made and presented to Shah Sahib. He took a few sips and fed the rest to Tajuddin. It is said that Syed Tajuddin read the Quran at the age of fifteen and after that studied other sciences


One day Baba while walking around stopped at the place where his shrine is now, he picked up some soil from the ground and said: Subhan Allah, what a good soil.

In 1343 AH, Ziqad was staying on the bridge of Baba Daguri, suddenly he started asking one of his believers.

“Is the moon of Eid sad…?” The answer was received, “Eid of Ramadan has passed, now the moon of Bakraid will appear”…

Baba Tajuddin said, “Hobabu, the moon will appear after this.”

Since then, Baba Tajuddin’s health started to be unwell. Raja Raghu Rao called an expert doctor from Nagpur to treat Baba Sahib, but there was no success.



26 Muharram Al Haram 1344 AH corresponding to 17 August 1925, Monday evening, Baba raised his hands and prayed for a moment. He got up from the bed and looked around, then calmly closed his eyes and lay down. His mausoleum is at Pur Anwar Tajabad (Taj Bagh), Amarid Road, Nagpur.


 Source and reference:

Azkar Taj Awaliya. Encyclopedia of Saints



What is the real name of Tajuddin



Hazrat Syed Baba Taj Uddin Nagpuri Alaihi Rahma


Who is tajul auliya?


Syed Tajuddin


Which famous baba is in Nagpur?

Hazrat Syed Baba Taj Uddin Nagpuri Alaihi Rahma


What did Tajuddin Baba do?

When Baba Tajuddin Nagpuri was 18 years old (years 1879 to 1880), there was a flood in the Kanahan river flowing in Kamti. His house was also badly damaged by the flood. In the year 1881, his uncle Abdur Rahman recruited him in the regiment number 13 of Nagpur. After serving in the army for three years, he had to go to Sagar (Madhya Pradesh).

After reaching the camp (military camp) of the Sagar Madrasi Platoon, he used to visit the mausoleum of Hazrat Dawood Makki (may Allah have mercy on him) in an area called Pili Kothi.

Hazrat Dawood Makki (may God bless him and grant him peace) was the caliph of Khwaja Shamsuddin Turk Panipati, may God bless him and grant him peace, and Khwaja Shamsuddin Turk may have mercy on him. Hazrat Dawood Makki, may God’s mercy be upon him, came here on the orders of his dead and passed away here.

When Tajuddin, may Allah have mercy on him, went to Sagar in connection with his military service, he spent almost two years in penance and death at the shrine of Baba Dawood Makki. According to the tradition, it was here that Tajuddin was transferred to Chishtiyya in the Owaisya manner.

It was Baba Tajuddin’s daily routine that after working during the day, he would spend the whole night at the holy shrine of Dawood Makki Sagri (may Allah have mercy on him) and would remain immersed in divine remembrance.


What is the home district of Tajuddin



Tajuddin Ahmed was born in Dardaria, a village in the Kapasia thana of Gazipur District, Bengal Presidency, in British India (now Gazipur District in Bangladesh). Therefore, his home district is Gazipur.


Who is the father of Tajuddin Baba?


Hazrat Syed Badruddin




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