100 Quotes Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم (inspirational motivational and golden words)

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Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was the founder of Islam and the last prophet of God. He was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in 570 AD. Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم was a kind and compassionate man who always helped others. He was also a great leader who guided his followers to the right path.


Muhammad had many wise sayings that are still relevant today. These sayings are called hadiths. Hadiths are a collection of the sayings and actions of Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم. They are considered to be a valuable source of guidance for Muslims.

Here are 100 inspirational, motivational, and golden words from Prophet Muhammad Muhammad (Peace be upon him) Quotes:

100 Quotes (Hadit) Of Muhammad (Peace be upon him):

1: You cannot make people happy with your wealth. So keep them happy with a smiling face and good manners.

Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم

2: By the One in Whose possession is my soul, when a servant calls upon Allah, then Allah turns away because He is angry with him. He then calls out to Allah, then turns away. He calls again, then Allah Ta’ala says to His angels that My servant has refused to call anyone other than Me, so I have accepted his supplication.


3: Keep your earnings pure and your prayers will be accepted.

Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم

4: Better is the person who is angry late and is quick to agree, and worse is the person who is quick to anger and late to agree.


5: Look for me in the poor, for it is through the poor that you find support and sustenance.


6: Two wolves left in the herd do not wreak so much havoc as a man’s greed for wealth and status wreaks havoc in his world.


7: Where there is room for doubt, before anyone opens his mouth, he himself acquits himself

It should be expressed.


8: He who curses his oppressor will take his own revenge.


9: He who lived in the forest remained devoid of knowledge and wisdom. He who was following the victim was oblivious. Whoever came to the door of the nobles fell into temptation, as much as it happened to them, he was far away from God.

10: Man belongs to God and God is his secret.


11: Raw and sweet is also a charity.


12: The condition of the one who was made Qazi was as if he had been slaughtered without a knife.


13: The world is a place of diseases and people are like springs in it.


14: When you see a scholar busying himself with making things easier in his religious affairs, then know that nothing will be achieved by him.


15: When Allah wants to do good to a servant, He shows him the faults of his soul.


16: None of you will be saved by your own actions alone. Desire and lust are placed in the nature of the son of Adam. Abandoning a desire makes a person rich and following it makes a rich person richer.


17: If you had known Allah as He has the right to be known, you would have walked on the seas and the mountains would have been moved by your supplication.


18: There is regret from bad deeds.


19: Lying is actually a part of hypocrisy.


20: The right of an hour’s love always prays for a friend and it is bad, friend, that you have to live with him in circles. The devil is with a single man and turns away from two. Judgment is the lost thing of the believer. The most of it wherever found


21: deserves The company of good people is better than doing good and the company of bad people is worse than doing evil.


22: Nobility is also a naat.


23: It is not permissible to do evil to a transgressor.


24: How long will they hesitate to expose the faults of the fajars?


25: Expose the people to warn them of their evil.


26: Whoever saw someone’s fault and covered it up, it was as if he brought a dead person back to life.


27: A man who begs people to collect wealth is collecting two coals. It is his choice whether he collects a little coal or more.


28: A good person is one who has a long life and good deeds and the worst is one who has a long life and bad deeds.


29: These five punishments are given on five things. A nation that breaks its covenant, Allah will impose its enemies on it.


30: The people who decide against the commands of God, Allah Almighty will make them suffer.


31: A plague spreads in a nation where corruption becomes common.


32: A nation that lacks balance, there is no blessing in agricultural production and famine spreads.


33: A nation that does not pay Zakat, Allah does not send rain (of mercy) on them.


34: Dua is the core of worship. A person who is deprived of the attribute of gentleness is deprived of all goodness. When a wicked person is praised, Arsh-i-Azam is cut. Indeed, in some poems the words of wisdom and in some speeches the effect of magic


35: happens. A man is with the person he loves.

Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم

36: Beware of the fool of the believer because he sees with the light of Allah.


37: Allah is beautiful and loves beauty.


38: Patience is what is done at the first stumbling block of trouble.


39: He who accuses his friend of a sin will not die before committing that sin.


40: After faith, the greatest blessing is a righteous woman


41: A woman should not mingle so much with another woman that she begins to describe her features to her husband as if he were seeing her.


42: A woman is a hidden creature, when she comes out, the devil looks at her


43: When a woman dies and her husband agrees with her, she will go to heaven


44: I like the woman’s prayer and fragrance. The best among you is he who treats his women well.


45: An honest man should not be angry with his wife. Because if there is a habit that he dislikes, there will be something that he likes.


46: If I were to order someone to prostrate to someone, I would order the wife to prostrate to her husband.


47: A woman is respected by noble people and no one insults her except the bastards.


48: Avoid bad friends because they become your introduction.


49: The example of a good friend is like a musk seller’s shop that does not profit

Even if there is, the fragrance will surely come.


50: And a bad friend is like a furnace, even if the fire is not lit, the clothes will be ruined by the smoke.


51: Be friendly with the poor and beware of the asembly of the rich.


52: The person who went out in search of knowledge continued to follow the path of Allah until his return.


53: A learned person is tougher on Satan than a thousand devotees, and a scholar has superiority over a devotee like the moon of the fourteenth night over all the stars. Because scholars are inheritors of prophets. And the inheritance of the prophets was neither the world nor the dirham, but their inheritance was knowledge. So whoever gets that gets a lot. The superiority of the scholar over the worshiper is like my superiority over the Ummah.


54: Knowledge is the light of God which cannot be given to sinners and unfortunates.

Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم

55: It is a lack of knowledge not to think of increasing it.


56: If there is no desire for more knowledge, it is a proof that the man is not benefiting from his knowledge.


57: The greatest betrayal is that you tell your brother a lie in such a way that he believes it to be true. come on


58: It is enough to make a liar a liar to tell others what happened to him without investigation.


59: Among Muslims, the faith of the person who is happy among them all is perfect.


60: I am the guarantor of the person who leaves the dispute despite being on the right, that I will give him a place on the edge of paradise.


61: And whoever stops telling lies, even if he is good-natured and good-natured, I guarantee him a home in Paradise.


62: And I am the guarantor of bringing a person home to the highest level of heaven, whosoever I will beautify my creation.


63: A believer is neither a slanderer, nor a cursing person, nor a slanderer


64: Do not be afraid of the sign of a rebuke in the expression of religious matters.


65: When the thought of someone’s fault arises in your heart, let your expression stop you from thinking that I also have some faults.


66: The best of God’s servants are those who remember God when they are seen, and the worst of God’s servants are those who wander around, causing separation between friends and slandering pious people.


67: Modesty is a sign of faith, and faith is a means of heaven, and indecency is filth, and filth is a cause of hell.


68: O Allah! Keep me alive in a state of poverty and from the world in a state of poverty


69: Modesty only brings good.


70: Both modesty and faith are intertwined. When one is lifted, the other is lifted.


71: Arise and cast me among the poor.


72: I will be against three men on the Day of Resurrection. First, pray for this person deliberately in my name. Secondly, of a person who sells to a free person and eats his money. Thirdly, the person who takes full work from the worker and does not pay the wages.


73: One of the major sins is that a person abuses his parents.


74: People asked! O Messenger of Allah, how can it be that a person abuses his parents. Prophet ﷺ said! Yes, it is possible that someone abuses another’s father and he abuses his father


75: A person who wants that his sustenance will be generous and his age will be increased, then he should treat his relatives well.


76: A person does not have much insight in religion unless he is moderate in his actions.


77: A person who hides a traitor is like him.


78: Whoever wears a garment for the sake of fame, on the Day of Resurrection, Allah Ta’ala will clothe him with a garment of humiliation and disgrace.


79: You must accompany your guest to the door.


80: Do not follow the opinions of others. You say that if people do good to us, we will do good to them, and if they do wrong to us, we will do wrong to them (this is not right), but keep your hearts free. If people do good to you, do good, and if they do evil, do not do wrong.


81: The best among you is the one who does not leave his religion for the sake of this world, nor does this world have the cause of the Hereafter, and does not lose out on people (does not put the burden of his expenses on others).


82: Beware of suspicion, because suspicion is a great lie, and do not listen to anyone secretly, and do not search for someone’s faults.


83: Remove trouble and stumbling blocks from the path of Muslims. It is not permissible for a person to be angry with his Muslim brother. Turk should meet more than night. When they both turn away from each other. The best among them is the one who excels in greeting.


84: Each of you is a mirror to his brother. So if something bad is seen in it, it should be removed.


85: The example of mutual love and compassion of Muslims is like that of a body, when any part of the body is in pain, the whole body becomes feverish and sleepless.



86: It is obligatory for a person not to sell his brother in the middle and not to be betrothed on the betrothal of his brother.


87: Whoever does an act to make it known to the people, Allah Ta’ala will make his faults known to the people and will humiliate him.


88: I fear such a person in this Ummah who talks about wisdom but does not act cruelly.


89: Allah Ta’ala has not made it lawful to enter the houses of the People of the Book without their permission, nor has He made it lawful to kill their women, nor to eat their fruits.


90: A person who peeps into the house should not be allowed to enter the house.


91: A person who kindly touches the head of an orphan just for the sake of Allah, then in exchange for herbs, there will be good for him.


92: In the eyes of Allah, the most beloved of all houses is the one in which the orphan is respected.


93: Whoever makes an orphan share his food and drink, Allah will make Paradise obligatory for him, provided that he is not guilty of any unforgivable sin.


94: By forgiving, Allah increases the honor of a person.


95: Three types of people will not enter Paradise. One is a deceiver, the other a miser and one who shows your favor.


96: If a person is asked a knowledge problem and he hides it, on the Day of Judgment, fire will be put in his mouth.


97: When you see an oppressor doing injustice and do not hold his hands, then soon Allah Almighty will send a general punishment on him


98: I seek refuge in Allah from the government of fools.


99: Giving one dirham in charity to a person in a state of health is better than giving a hundred dirhams

in charity at the time of death.


100: A person who calls another Muslim a Kafir, one of them is a Kafir


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